Laminated Glass

1 Laminated Glass(KS L 2004)

It is a glass created by inserting a transparent and highly adhesive polyvinyl butyral film between two sheets of plate glass, after completely removing air from the plate glass and then increasing the temperature and pressure to adhere them closely.

Its low breakage rate prevents glass fragments from scattering when it gets broken, so it is a safe glass. In addition, it protects against theft and blocks about 99% of UV rays.

Various colors can be implemented by different colors of the film used. (Transparent, green, bronze, blue)

2 Sound Insulation Glass

It is a laminated glass with a special laminated film inserted between two sheets of plate glass for superb sound insulation performance.

It can block about 3~6dB (7dB in some frequency range) compared to single plate or double-layered glass of same thickness.