Terms of Use

Article 1 Purpose

These Terms and Conditions are intended for providing the basic matters regarding the use of the services provided by Jeongam Safety Glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as the "Company") through the website, www.jeong-am.co.kr (hereinafter as the "Service").

Article 2 Definition of Terms

The definitions of terms used in these terms of use are as follows.
Operator : A person who opens and operates the homepage for the service
Member : A person who uses all services provided by the Company
Service : All services provided by the Company through the web

Article 3 Regulations excluding the provisions

If needed, the operator can separately announce the operation policy and as for the case the terms and conditions overlap, the operation policy will take precedence.

Article 4 Privacy Policy

1)The Company collects information about its members through the information provided by the members at the time of application, and the personal information of the member is used solely for the purpose of implementing this service contract and providing the service under this contract.

2)The Company shall strive to protect the personal information of its members in accordance with the relevant laws such as the Information Communication Network Act. In regards to the protection and use of personal information, relevant laws and the Company's privacy policy shall be applied.

3)The Company shall not disclose or distribute the member's information acquired in relation to the service to a third party without the member’s consent and may not use it for other commercial purposes. However, the following cases are excluded.

① If there is a request from related organizations for investigation purposes pursuant to relevant laws

② If there is a request from the Information Communication Ethics Committee

③ If there is a request following the procedures prescribed by other relevant laws

Article 5 Duties of the Company

1)The Company is obliged to make efforts to provide services in consistent and stable manners, not violating the laws, these terms and conditions and actions that stand against public morals.

2)The Company shall not leak or distribute personal information of its members to third parties without the consent of the members. However, it shall be excluded for cases required by the relevant laws and regulations, such as requests from national agencies, the telecommunications related laws, or the Information Communication Ethics Committee.

3)To provide continuous and stable service, the Company shall repair or restore the equipment for the failure or loss of the equipment without any delay unless it is unavoidable. However, in cases of a natural disaster or inevitable reasons for the site or the operator, the operation of the site may be temporarily stopped.

4)In the case of damages caused to the members due to the services provided by the Company, the liability shall be borne only if such damages occur on the basis of the company's intention or gross negligence and the scope of such liability shall be limited to general damages.

5)The Company shall promptly deal with the opinions or complaints raised by its members if it recognizes that it is justifiable. However, if prompt handling of the matter is somewhat difficult, the member shall be notified of the reason and the processing schedule.

6)The Company shall strive to protect the member's personal information, including the member registration information, as defined by relevant laws and regulations.

Article 6 Obligations of the Members

1)Members shall comply with the matters prescribed in this agreement, general regulations, announcements, and operation policies set forth by the operator, matters announced by the site and relevant laws and shall not engage in actions that may interfere with the site's business or damage the site's reputation.

2)The member shall not transfer or offer the right to use the service or other status in the contract to another person without the express consent of the site, and shall not provide it as a collateral.

3)The member shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of the operator, the site and third parties.

4)The member agrees not to conduct the following actions while using the service.

① Actions that may cause harm to others (including a few)

- Stealing another person's ID, password, name and impersonating as another person;

- Fraudulently indicating a relationship with another person;

- Defaming others by specifying facts or false facts for the purpose of maligning others;

- Disseminating false information for the purpose of inflicting property benefits or damages on the principal or other persons;

- Interfering with the other person's daily life by continuing to reach the other person with words, sounds, texts, images or videos that may cause sense of shame, disgust or fear;

- Commercially using the service without the company's prior consent

② Infringing the intellectual property rights of the operator, the site, and third parties

- Posting of unnecessary or unauthorized advertisements or promotions;

- Soliciting, posting, inserting or e-mailing junk mail, spam, extensive amount of repeated texts, pyramid schemes, etc.;

- Posting, inserting or emailing any vulgar or indecent data, text, software, music, photographs, graphics or video messages (hereinafter as "Content");

- Posting, inserting or emailing content without having any rights, including the intellectual property right;

- Mediating lewd conducts or distributing information that mediates acts of prostitution

- Actions that are deemed to interfere with or effect the stable operation of the service

- Other unlawful or unfair actions

The member shall be responsible for any damages in the use of the service or fraudulent use by a third party resulting from the failure to comply with the provisions set forth in this agreement and the related laws, and the Company shall not be held liable for such damages.

Article 7 Service Hours

1)The service hours are set as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless there is a particular problem with business or technology. However, the site may be temporarily shut down on the day or time set by the site for regular inspection, extension or replacement of the system and the service suspension due to the scheduled work will be notified in advance or after on the website for your reference.

2)Nonetheless, the site may suspend the service temporarily or permanently without prior notice or forewarning for the following cases.

① In the cases of urgent system inspection, expansion, replacement, breakdown or malfunction

② In the cases of force majeure situations such as national emergency, blackout, natural disasters, etc.

③ In the cases of the telecommunication service provider prescribed in the Telecommunication Business Act suspends the telecommunication services.

④ In the cases when the service use is disrupted due to the sudden flood of use of the service;

3)In the case of service suspension under the preceding paragraph, the site shall notify the members through notices in advance. However, if advance notice is not possible for the service suspension caused by reasons beyond the control of the site, it shall be replaced by post notice.

4)The Company may divide the service into a certain range and separately set the available time for each range. In such cases, the Company shall notify in advance.

5)The Company shall start the service after accepting the member's application. For some services, however, the service shall start from the specified date.

Article 8 Management of Posts

1)The operator shall be responsible for managing and operating the site's posts and materials. The operator shall always monitor faulty posts and materials, and when one finds such posts and materials, shall delete the posts and materials and give warning to the member who has registered such data. On the other hand, the person who posts such data is responsible for his or her action, so members shall not post anything that violates these Terms of Use.

2)If a request for correction from a public institution such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee is received, the operator may delete or remove the post without prior consent of the member. The criteria for judging faulty posts are as follows.

① When inflicting serious insult or damaging reputation of other members or third parties

② When it is information that does not correspond to the nature of the service

③ When distributing or linking contents that violate public order and morals

④ When the contents encourage illegal copying or hacking

⑤ When it is advertising for the purpose of profit

⑥ When it is objectively acknowledged as being associated with a crime

⑦ When it infringes other rights, such as copyright of other users or third parties

⑧ When it is found to violate other relevant laws

3)The site and the operator may temporarily suspend postings (suspend transmission) when a post is requested by a third party for infringement of rights such as defamation or intellectual property rights, and if a complaint, settlement, or other equivalent decision of relevant agencies is made between the requester and the registrant of the post and registered to the site, this shall be followed.

Article 9 Indemnity

1)The operator shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by the member's failure to obtain the expected benefits from the service provided by the site or by the selection or use of the service data.

2)The operator shall be exempted from liability in case of failure of the service foundation of this site and the telecommunication service provided by other carriers, and shall comply with the site's Terms of Use for damages related to the service foundation of this site.

3)The operator shall be completely exempted from liability for any materials stored, posted or transmitted by the member.

4)The operator shall be exempted from liability for any failure in using the service caused by the member's fault.

5)The operator shall be exempted from liability for any activities (including data transfer and other community activities), that have occurred among members or between members and third parties, and other members of the service.

6)The operator shall be exempted from liability for the authenticity, reliability, accuracy, etc. of the materials posted or transmitted by the members and all materials that the members can be provided via this site.

7)he operator shall be exempted from liability for any damages arising from the transaction of goods between the members or between the members and third parties via the service.

8)The operator shall be exempted from liability for any disputes arising between the members or between a member and a third party without attributable reasons.

9)The operator shall be exempted from liability for any system failure, which may occur without intentional or intentional negligence in the process of managing, inspecting, repairing, replacing, or operating the software such as servers, failure of the system caused by third party attacks, and damages to members caused by the dissemination of computer viruses or other reasons of force majeure that cannot be controlled by other operators whose countermeasures have not been developed by prominent research institutes and security companies at home and abroad.

Supplementary Provisions

This agreement shall be effective from October 1, 2019.