General Provisions
					1.Jeongam Safety Glass complies with the Personal Information Protection Regulations under the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection and the "Privacy Policy Guidelines" and "Technical/Administrative Protection Standards of Personal Information" established by the Ministry of Information and Communication. Moreover, Jeongam Safety Glass declares that it will put its best efforts to protect the personal information of its members by enacting the "Personal Information Protection Policy".

					2.The "Personal Information Protection Policy" of Jeongam Safety Glass may be altered by the change of related laws and government guidelines as well as the internal policy of Jeongam Safety Glass. If the "Personal Information Protection Policy" of Jeongam Safety Glass is modified, the changes will be posted on the notice for at least 7 days on the website of Jeongam Safety Glass.

					Personal Information
					Jeongam Safety Glass has prepared a procedure that allows you to click the "Agree" button for the contents of the Terms of Use and regards it as that you have agreed for the collection of personal information when you click the "Agree" button. In addition, when you click the “Agree” button, the Company assumes that you have agreed to the following items, except for the “Password” and “Resident Registration Number” of the collection of personal information, to be provided to the outsourcing company of Jeongam Safety Glass to perform the service.

					1.The scope of "Personal Information" shall be defined in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, and shall signify that "the name contained in the information as information about the surviving individual, information that can identify the individual, such as a resident registration number (including information that can be easily combined with other information, even if this information in itself cannot identify a particular individual)".

					2.Jeongam Safety Glass collects and uses the personal information of members for user identification, payment, owner verification of services, personalized services for members, and other additional services.
					The specific purposes of collecting and using in accordance with the collected personal information items are as follows.
					- Confirming the owner of the service
					- Email address, phone number, and fax number: For conducting smooth communication to secure essential information, delivering notices, and handling complaints according to domain management regulations
					- Providing information on securing routes, new services and new products or event information
					- Bank information, credit card information: Payment for the use and purchase of paid information
					- Address : Verifying the correct shipping address for domain information inquiry, bills and shipmentsCookie (ID) : Automatically analyzing visitors' IDs by operating cookies to apply differentiated price benefits by gradeBy setting options in web browser, customers may be asked each time a cookie is stored, or they may refuse to store all cookiesIf one refuses to store cookies, the use of web services may be restricted

					3.Jeongam Safety Glass does not handle the personal information of its members in consigned management.

					4.The Company does not ask for sensitive personal information (such as race and ethnicity, ideology and creed, place of origin and one’s place of family register, political orientation and criminal record, health status and sexual life) that may infringe the basic human rights of users.

					Providing Information to Third Parties
					1. Jeongam Safety Glass does not provide the personal information of its members to others, other companies or organizations without the permission of the members. That being said, the following cases are exceptions.
					- When the applicant's information is provided to the registering entity of the domain for the registration of domain name
					- In the case of requests from consumer organizations designated by a national agency or government in accordance with related laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
					- In the case of Dispute Resolution Body or Court requesting the contact details of the domain registrant involved in a dispute
					- When there is a purpose for criminal investigation or in the case of request from a legal organization such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee or the Korea Information Security Agency
					- When using the member's information (name, address, phone number) for work-related contact
					- When it is needed for statistics, promotional materials, academic research or market research, given in a form that cannot identify a specific customer
					- When members apply for the service of Jeongam Safety Glass and the Company provides order information, address information, contact information, etc. excluding the member's password, resident registration number, etc to conduct the service

					2. Jeongam Safety Glass will ask for the consent of each member in advance when it provides the personal information of its members to affiliated companies or decides to share with them for the purpose of providing more various services. You will be informed on who the affiliated company is, what personal information items are provided or shared, why such personal information should be shared, and how and until when it will be protected and managed and requested for consent by e-mail. If you disagree, the Company will not provide or share the personal information with affiliated companies.

					Reading and Amending Personal Information

					1.Members of Jeongam Safety Glass can read or amend their posts at any desired time.

					2.The responsibility for the management of the Jeongam Safety Glass member password lies within you, the individual. To effectively protect your personal information, you must manage and take responsibility of your own member password. If your password has been leaked, Jeongam Safety Glass does not hold responsibility for this matter. However, you may hold Jeongam Safety Glass accountable in case of its negligence or intentional leakage of member passwords. After using the account of Jeongam Safety Glass, you must make sure to close the account and the window of the web browser. In particular, if you share your computer with others or use it in a public place, you must either log out or exit the web browser.

					Technical Measures for Protecting Personal Information
					Jeongam Safety Glass has arranged the following technical measures to prevent loss, theft, leakage, alteration or damage of personal information of its members.

					1.Each member's individual personal information is protected by a password and the personal information data is protected by a separate security feature.

					2.Each member's individual password shall be established and implemented for users and personal information handlers to not use passwords that are easy to speculate, such as birthdays, resident registration numbers, and phone numbers.

					3.Jeongam Safety Glass uses anti-virus and malware protection software to avoid damage from computer viruses and updates the software on a daily basis.

					4.Jeongam Safety Glass protects the personal information stored on the network by using high-priced routers and L3 switch devices equipped with intrusion prevention and infiltration detection functions.

					5.Jeongam Safety Glass has also constructed a separate firewall to operate a triple-layered personal information protection system.

					6.Jeongam Safety Glass stores the personal information by encrypting it in the personal information protection system, and operates the system to encrypt and save personal information when externally transmitting to the information communication network of Jeongam Safety Glass or storing it on a PC.

					Gathering Feedback and Handling Complaints
					If in case you have any complaints about the protection of personal information of Jeongam Safety Glass, feel free to send your opinions to the personal information manager and you will receive the results of your request as soon as it is received. In case of unauthorized leakage of personal information or other serious infringement of personal information, you can also file a complaint or request for arbitration at the Personal Information Infringement Report Center (http://www.cyberpr ivacy.or.kr, http://www.1336.or.kr, Telephone 02-1336).

					Establishing and Implementing Management Plan of Personal Information
					Jeongam Safety Glass shall comply with the following matters by arranging a separate regulations on computer management.

					1.Matters concerning composing and operating the Personal Information Protection Regulations, including the designation of a personal information manager;

					2.Matters concerning training of personal information handlers;

					3.Maintaining and regularly monitoring the access records of personal information handling system

					4.Protective measures for printing and copying personal information

					5.Other matters needed for protecting personal information

					Personal Information Manager
					Jeongam Safety Glass has designated personal information managers, who are in charge of collecting opinions and handling complaints regarding personal information.
					Personal Information Manager
					Name : Hyang-in Son
					Position : Director
					Affiliation : Management Department
					Phone Number : 051.831.6161
					FAX Number : 0505.300.6166
					E-mail : jag_son@naver.com
					Personal Information Manager
					Name : Ji-hye Kim
					Position : Head of Department
					Affiliation : Management Department
					Phone Number : 051.831.6161
					FAX Number : 0505.300.6166
					E-mail : jeongamjh@gmail.com

					About Membership Registration of Children
					1.Jeongam Safety Glass requests the consent of a legal representative (parent) when a child under the age of 14 applies for membership to protect the personal information of the child. For minors under the age of 14 who have not received permission from their parents, Jeongam Safety Glass may arbitrarily exclude them from membership.
					2.The legal representative of minors under the age of 14 may request to view, amend, or withdraw consent regarding the personal information of the minor who is under the responsibility of the representative and if such request occurs, Jeongam Safety Glass will take necessary measures without delay.

					Regarding the Withdrawal When Dealing with Minors
					Jeongam Safety Glass is obliged to obtain consent of the legal representative (parent) when dealing with minors, and transactions may be cancelled if the Company could not obtain the consent of the legal representative (parent). In addition, if the legal representative (parent) of a minor requests for a withdrawal within seven days after the transaction has been made, the Company will withdraw (refund) the transaction.

					Regarding Sending Advertising Information
					1.Jeongam Safety Glass can freely send out e-mails to members, informing about the services provided by Jeongam Safety Glass and notices about these services.

					2.Jeongam Safety Glass can send advertising information to its members. In this case, however, the phrase (advertisement) shall be indicated to help members to easily identify that it is advertising information and the Company will not send advertising information to members who have expressed their intention to not receive such information.
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